Cabron Samples
Current gateway:
Hello World
Responder object of a service
Responder object - multiple methods
Responder object - multiple services
Remoting inside an object
Responder object of a method call
Including external files in the PHP service
Large datastructure - blocking the movie
Large datastructure - timed deserialization - non-blocking
Large datastructure - monitoring the deserialization
Error handling - bad gatewayURL
Error handling - bad service path
Error handling - bad remote method name(procedural)
Error handling - bad remote method name(OO)
Error handling - no responder method
Warning in PHP service
Warning in PHP service - missing argument
Debug messages from the service
Debug options
User raised error
User raised error - full
UTF-8 values transmitted to the service
Request Character Map sample
Response Character Map sample
String reverser without charmap
String reverser with "default" charmap